What is the Best Type of Mattress?

You may have trouble sleeping and have decided that your mattress is at fault.Or you may have realised that it’s actually 10 years since you bought your last mattress.Doesn’t time fly. Whatever the reason, choosing a new mattress can make you lose sleep as an activity. Our sleep is so important to us that we want to try and do everything we can to give ourselves a chance of a better night’s sleep.

There are many different types of mattresses and you owe it to yourself to choose the best for you.First you need to find an informative site and do a bit of research before you choose your mattress.


Type of Mattress

For something so simple as somewhere to sleep, buying a new mattress is quite complicated.There are many choices and options and the first thing you need to decide is what material will your mattress be made from.


There are two types of spring mattress. Pocket spring or open spring. Pocket spring it is a more luxurious style of mattress as the individual springs are situated within individual pockets of fabric. This enables each spring to move independently of the others. This gives a lot more support. They are available in soft, medium or firm versions. They’re more breathable than memory foam or latex so are a great choice if you get too hot at night. They are heavy to turn, and you need to check the material as often they are filled with natural materials which may cause allergies. They are a good choice for two people as they minimise the risk of rolling. Open spring contain one long piece of wire coiled into multiple springs. They are a cheaper option but are less supportive than other mattresses.


Latex mattresses are filled with latex foam.They are very durable and should last for years.The material is durable and is also breathable, so you won’t overheat. These mattresses are quite heavy, so they are difficult to turn.As they are such a solid mattress, they are a good option for those who like a firm bed.
Memory foam

A lot of modern mattresses are made from memory foam. Memory foam will mould to your body and will also respond to your body weight.This means if more than one of you are sharing a bed, you won’t keep rolling into each other. As the mattress moulds to your body you feel as though you’re sinking into it.This can make you feel rather warm, with some people take a while to get used to this type of mattress. Memory foam is a great choice for people with a bad back or those who need extra support in bed. This is because it aligns your spine when you were sleeping on your side and it helps you keep your posture.

Sleep Positions

Side sleepers don’t always stay in the same position.Many of them switch sides and move their legs around. This constant movement means that side sleepers need a soft to medium level mattress. They need a mattress soft enough to fit the curves of their body.
Back sleepers need both firmness and support.A soft mattress could lead to back problems or make existing problems worse.
If you sleep on your stomach, then you need a mattress with support.People who sleep on their stomach should be as flat as possible.


The firmness of the mattress will also affect your sleep.

People who sleep on their side or change positions often during the night should sleep on a soft mattress.A soft mattress will mould to your body’s natural position.
This is a good option for those who change their sleep position during the night as it moulds to your body but has more support than a soft mattress.
Medium firm.This is great for people who sleep on their back as the firmness will give them lower back support.
This is for people who sleep on their front.It’s also good option for those who suffer from back pain. It will keep you in a stable position and you won’t sink into the mattress enabling you to sleep better and more comfortably.

Transforming Your Bedroom Decor From Drab To Dreamy

Good quality sleep is essential to our health, and having a beautiful bedroom decor to relax in each evening can really make all the difference. Unpleasant surroundings and clutter can contribute to stress which in turn can affect you being able to drift off. We all deserve a beautiful bedroom decor, a place to retreat to at the end of each day. If yours is looking a little worse for wear, here are some of the ways you can perk it up


Think About Color

Studies have shown that color can influence our mood. In the bedroom, we want to promote feelings of relaxation. Blue, green, pink, purple, gray and even white have been shown to help with this. Once you’ve decided on a color, go with a very light shade. This will help to open up the space and make it feel bigger and airier. Anything too dark (especially in small rooms) can close you in and feel claustrophobic. If you want to incorporate a bold color, consider painting one feature wall in this, and the others lighter.

Choose a Good Bed from Amazon

Of course the most important part in any bedroom is the bed. Therefore it’s worth investing in the most comfortable one possible. Foam mattresses have been shown to be the most comfortable in independent tests- so opting for memory foam, gel or latex over springs is a wise choice. You can find out more about different materials and the best mattresses on Amazon . Finish the bed with some soft sheets with a high thread count, supportive pillows, and a duvet with the correct tog rating for the time of year. Dressing the bed with a contrasting throw and some decorative pillows will help to bring the space to life and allow you to add color, texture, and interest.

Find Storage That Works

Clutter, mess and disorganized possessions can quickly bring down the look of any room. Having the right storage means you have a place for everything and can stay organized. In smaller rooms you might need to get creative, under bed storage is one option or putting baskets and storage bins on shelves to utilize the wall space. Fitted furniture is also a good option, this can be built into any awkward space meaning no part of the room is wasted.

Make It About Sleep

Many of us double up our bedrooms with another function, especially in smaller homes. But if it’s at all possible, keep the bedroom decor just for sleeping. Is there another place you can house your exercise bike, your desk or your ironing board? Clearing things out and instead displaying items that are beautiful and inspiring will create a much nicer space to relax in. You could create a reading nook with an armchair, side table, and overhead lamp. You could put an extra set of drawers for storage and then accessorize the top with flowers and other decorative pieces.



Like a marshmallow but softer

I sleep on my side or side/stomach and I

1. Am somewhat heavy, around 160
2. Am very broad shouldered and narrow waisted and have average hips (female)
3. Prefer to sleep with a thinner pillow
4. Enjoy flailing around in my sleep and
5. Hate sleeping on my back.

I had to retire my old pillowtop innerspring after many years because two of the springs broke. I have very limited local options for replacement. I went to the store and laid on some but they all felt really firm, soft seemed to be a special order. I decided instead to spend a night or two on as many mattresses as possible. This is been discouraging. Have tried so far:
1. A futon type fiber mattress, it was ok but too hard and felt lumpy. Couldn’t sleep in preferred.position, ended up on back too much.
2. Casper. Hated it. Hard as a rock. Major shoulder pain and arm numbness. Slept on it for a month. Returned.
3. Friends 100% super high end latex mattress in medium firmness. Felt like trampoline. Somehow also too hard under shoulder. Did not like.
4. Other friends custom ordered down and foam stuffed couch. Divine. Like sleeping on a cloud. Unfortunately they won’t give it to me. Also it’s technically not a “bed”.

Should I bite the bullet and order another $$$ pillow top innerspring in “soft” and hope it works or are there other, much softer and (hopefully) cheaper options out there? Any specific recommendations from side sleepers to look at? For a point of reference I find the Marriott memory foam beds on the verge of being too hard. The Casper was massively too hard.

I have access to a Costco and a JC Penney as well as one high end mattress store.

We just got a Novaform queen mattress from Costco and looooove it. But I’m wondering if you’d like it as you disliked the Caspar and I think it’s the same sort of thing : a foam mattress with a gel layer. It sounds weird and I wasn’t sure about it but we took the risk and it’s wonderful, had great nights’ sleep since we purchased it.

I sleep on my side and the review says side-sleepers may find it too firm, but it’s been great for me, so take it with a grain of salt. One of the best things about getting it is that it’s vacuum-packed and you can take it home yourself and unbox it and it poofs out immediately. There is a faint smell (from the foam/latex?) but that fades really quickly.

We took the risk because it’s Costco and they’re fantastic about returns (although it wouldn’ve been difficult to transport the mattress back to the store), and also there was a $100 discount. I will never buy a traditional mattress again – memail me if you have any questions.